Here you'll find all material related to class MIT's 2.12/2.120 Fall 2016


  • Here is the class Syllabus.
    (last update: 09/12/2016)
  • Here is the Schedule of lectures, labs, project, psets, and exams.
    (last update: 12/10/2016)
  • Please take this Survey on the first day of class. This is to understand your background and assign students to lab sections. If you want to drop the class it is important that you inform TA Peter Yu by email (peterkty at mit) asap, so that we can keep class teams balanced and sufficiently populated. 

Useful Links

Piazza Forum: Discussions of lab or course material, and announcements.
Stellar: Grades will be here.
Make Purchase Request - Additional Requests email samwill_at_mit_dot_edu
Lab Resource Locations - Map showing the location of electrical and mechanical hardware and tools available to teams


Lectures and PSets

Day Lecture Topic HW released 
(by midnight)
HW due 
(in class)
Sep 7               Lecture 1             Introduction. Actuators and Drives.       
Sep 12 Lecture 2 Robot Mechanisms    
Sep 14 Lecture 3 Kinematics - Planar HW1 - solution - code  
Sep 19 Lecture 4 Kinematics - Spatial Representations    
Sep 21 Lecture 5 Kinematics - Spatial Methods HW2 - solution - code HW1
Sep 26 Lecture 6 (determinants) Kinematics - Differential Motion    
Sep 28 Lecture 7 Kinematics - Trajectories HW3 - solution - code HW2
Oct 3 Lecture 8 Kinematics - Planning    
Oct 5 Lecture 9 Vision - Image Formation HW4 - solution - code HW3
Oct 12 Lecture review     HW4
Oct 17 Lecture 10 - Cancelled Vision - Image Processing    
Oct 24 Lecture 11 Statics - Virtual Work    
Oct 26 Lecture 12 Statics - Velocity/Force Duality    
Oct 31 Lecture 13 Control - Position/Force Control    
Nov 2 Lecture 14 Control - Compliance Control HW5 - solution  
Nov 7 Lecture 15 Dynamics - Newton    
Nov 9 Lecture 16 
(intro. v1) - (intro. v2)
Dynamics - Lagrange HW6 - solution - code HW5
Nov 14 Lecture 17 Dynamics - Review    
Nov 16 Lecture 18 Control - Dynamic Control   HW6

Guest/Industry Lectures

Day Company Presenter Title Material
Nov 28 Boston Dynamics Al Rizzi Dynamic Robot Platforms Leg Lab (historic perspective)
Big Dog
Nov 30 Toyota Research Institute John Leonard Autonomous Driving  
Dec 5 ABB Robotics Remus Bocca Industrial Automation - Accuracy1 Accuracy2
- Speed
- Collaborative robot (YuMi)
Dec 12 Amazon Robotics Joey Durham Robotics in Logistics - A day in the life of a
  Kiva Robot

Amazon Picking Challenge (MIT)


Day Time Exam Room Material Solution         
Oct 19 14:30 - 16:00 Exam1 3-270 Guide - Set1 - Set2 - Set3 Exam1 with solutions
Nov 21 14:30 - 16:00 Exam2 3-270 Guide - Set1 - Set2 - Set3 Exam2 with solutions


Lab section and project team assignment is here (last update: 09/22/2016 20:53).
Sec 1: Th 11-1, Sec 2: Th 1-3, Sec 3: Th 3-5, Sec 4: Fri 11-1, Sec 5: Th 2-4

Please read the lab handout and prepare your questions before coming to the lab.

Day Lab Material
Sep 8-9 Lab 1 Handout, Code, Feedback
Sep 15-16 Lab 2 Handout, Code, Feedback
Sep 22-23 Student holiday No Lab
Sep 26 Project initial concept report Instruction
Sep 29-30 Lab 3 Handout, Code, Feedback (last update: 09/28/2016 07:05)
Oct 6-7 Lab 4 Handout, Code, Feedback (last update: 10/05/2016 21:49)
Oct 12 Project design review report Instruction
Oct 13-14 Lab 5 Handout, Code, Feedback (last update: 10/13/2016 10:53)
Oct 20-21 Lab 6 AnnouncementProject Github, Extended hour survey
Oct 27-28 Lab 7 Extended hour & feedback survey
Extended hours till competition: Mon, Tue 7-9pm
Nov 3-4 Lab 8 Technical Review, Git tutorial with bonus score, Software envronment setup
Nov 10-11 Lab 9 Practical robot programming setup
Nov 17-18 Lab 10  
Nov 21-27 Extended hours Mon 7-9pm; Tue 11am-4pm, 7-9pm; Wed 10am-2:30pm;
Sat 12pm-6pm; Sun 10am-6pm
Nov 24-25 Thanksgiving The lab will be open on Fri: 11-4pm
Nov 28-30 Extended hours Mon-Wed 7-9pm
Nov 28, 4-7pm Project onsite practice (26-100) You will have the shelves onsite without the arena.
This helps you calibrate the color under the classroom lighting.
Dec 1, 6-7pm Project onsite practice (26-100) You will have the full arena setup. Each team will have 6min on the arena.
Dec 1, 7-9pm Project competition (26-100) Rules (last update: 11/29/2016 19:33)
Make Purchase Request
Robot CAD
Arena CAD
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Lab Logistics

  • If you plan to use machine shop for the final project, please take a training session at Maker Works. Consult TA Ryan for details.
  • It may be helpful to bring your laptop for viewing the lab handout and google something that you don't understand. You can also bring a hard copy of the handout.
  • The lab location is at room 5-007. Please arrive on time.
  • For your and robot's health and safety, please don't eat in the lab, and keep your food and drink from robots.
  • After you're done with the lab, call a TA to check off. Also, please fill in an online feedback form for the lab.
  • The lab section on Friday 9-11 is cancelled because the number of people who prefer that time is too small.
  • Lab staff internal page

Final Competition