Design review report

Hi class, 

Here is an outline of what you need to include in your Design review report. This report

is due on October 12th, by 11.59pm.  Please submit one report per team on stellar. 

1.  Show your selected designs: (Two pages max) 
Present your selected design for the items below:

1.a Manipulator arm design
1.b End effector design
1.c Manipulator arm support platform design (platform that supports the manipulator on the mobile robot.
1.d A mindmap (mind node) of your software/control components.  (ROS like approach. "Refer to Figure 5 of the Lab 3” handout for an example) 


State briefly how each selection was made.  CAD designs are not required at this time.

2. Implementation (Half a page max) 
Describe briefly how you intend to realize the selected designs of part 1. For example, you may indicate how the parts will be made (laser cut) or purchased.  In addition to the dynamixels, what actuators would you consider for the end-effector. For the algorithms and the associated software indicate how you intend to implement them… Use ROS, and code in Python?

3.  Task ownership (Half a page max) 
Updated version of task ownership (include the previous version if you have no changes).

4. Time line or Gantt Chart. (Half a page max)

Updated version your Gantt chart. (Include the previous version if you have no changes).