Project Initial Concept Report

2.12 - Initial concept report. Due 9/26 midnight.

Hi class,

Here is an outline of what you need to include in your initial concept report that
is due on September 26th. It is one report per team. Submit it on Stellar.

1. Design Alternatives: (Two pages max) 
1.a Manipulator arm design
1.b End effector design
1.c Manipulator arm support platform design (platform that supports the manipulator on the mobile robot.
1.d Software components (describe the software that you need, develop one or reuse from others)

"We recommend that each team member contributes one design concept
to at least one of the categories defined in (1.a), (1.b) , (1.c) and (1.d) ."
No design selection or selection procedure is needed in this report.
Please list all design alternatives that your team comes up with. Rough hand sketches to illustrate the concepts
will be helpful and sufficient.

2. Strategies for accomplishing tasks 1, 2 and 3. (Half a page max) 
Describe briefly a plan of action on how to achieve the objective(s) of each of
the 3 main tasks of the project.

3. System Architecture (Half a page max) 
An overview diagram that shows how all components work together.

4. Task ownership (Half a page max) 
Preliminary assignment of each team member to a specific task or tasks.

5. Time line or Gantt Chart. (Half a page max) 
Provide a preliminary chart of the work to be done and their corresponding periods of time.